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Email Services I Don’t Recommend

Web developers usually don’t get paid to teach their clients about email.  Bad email providers can turn into a source of a considerably amount of extra work. 


Local Governments, Email and Social Media

What Kinds of News should Local Governments use Email Distribution and Social Media to communicate quickly?


Make Your Email Password Unique

There are lots of security options out there at the mailserver account level but there is just one that you can control – don’t use your email password ANYWHERE else. Make it unique, don’t let it be obvious, and don’t relate it to any other password you use.


Email Matters

We’re pretty sure we’ve said this before. We’re pretty sure that it is fairly self-evident as well. But we’re also sure that using email in coordination with your web site is your MOST CONTROLLABLE method of promoting your web site. It is both art and science, so in order to do it well, you must commit to it, both in terms of delivery and in terms of measurement.


For Those That Use Wild Apricot To Send Out Association Email

Last week’s email software change made a noticeable change to email creation workflow.

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