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SSL Is Coming For Us All (And That Includes You on Wild Apricot)

2017 is shaping up to be the year we all get SSL certificates for our domains, and if you use Wild Apricot, you need to start this process as quick as possible.


For Those That Use Wild Apricot To Send Out Association Email

Last week’s email software change made a noticeable change to email creation workflow.


Web Site by Committee versus The Synthesizer

Developing your web site by committee seems like a great concept, but our experience is that generally it is performed in a poor fashion.


Web Site Owners: Know Your Internal Resources

One of the hard things for organizations to do is distinguish the difference between what your organization CAN release as a website with the assistance of developers, and what they can maintain without paid assistance of developers.


How Do I Get Our Members to Log Into Our New Wild Apricot Web Site?

You have to email them so they know they need to create a password for their email login so they can access.

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