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We’ve been developing and maintaining sites that use WordPress for years now.  We provide design, security, updates, maintenance, security, customization, training, and research for all versions of your site.

  • Design – graphic design and layout for both computer and mobile use.
  • Security – very crucial these days.  We run Wordfence Premium over our WordPress sites, we audit plugins and logins, we keep daily backups, and we will clean up our client sites if something should happen.
  • Content seeding – Have an existing site, either using or not using WordPress?  We’ll work with you to map out where content goes in a redesign and get your content seeded.
  • Maintenance – There are continual updates that occur with WordPress and plugins that we will manage for you, including plugin conflict resolution and replacement.  WP maintenance and security go hand in hand.
  • Updating – We have some clients that are “between web site staff” and they have us update the content.  Not a problem!
  • Training – If you’ve never used WordPress, or even if you have, you may need some training on how to update your web site.  If we designed it, we provide training.
  • Research – Have a feature you want to offer but aren’t sure what the options might be?  We’ll research what might be plugged in to provide that functionality.



Kessler Freedman, Inc.