How We Work

If you’re thinking about hiring us:

We almost ALWAYS work within an annual agreement for services, with the scope of work and costs specified in the agreement. If there are variable costs, and additional projects, they can be determined over the course of the agreement.

We work with over 70 organizations on a very regular basis. Because of this, scheduling of new work depends on:

1) Scope of the work entailed; and
2) How busy we are with existing scheduled work.

Good Things Take Time

Original site designs and redesigns take time. If we haven’t worked with you before, there’s no way we’re going to be able to “turn it around within a week”, and you shouldn’t want us to in the first place. Understanding community, implementing goals, looking at historical patterns if you have an existing site, and determining how to measure progress take longer than a week.

Having said that, we love working with community-focused organizations, whether they are associations, non-profit organizations, government units, or businesses. The internet provides so many opportunities and tools to develop your online community, we want to help you succeed in doing so.

Have a question for us?  Call or email.