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Web RFPs Need Time Built In
March 9, 2018

Bad RFPs Will Greatly Reduce Your Web Site Proposal Responses »

One of the tells of how well a prospective client actually understands the web is the amount of time they give for various deadlines in their web site RFP.

March 6, 2018

For Our WordPress Clients, about Gutenberg »

This is considered to be the biggest change to the WordPress software in WordPress history. This upgrade has to be coordinated with all of those that must function with the core software – plugin developers, theme developers, hosting companies, and then developers and designers and administrators and user accounts.

KFI Postcard
March 1, 2018

Have You Noticed the U.S. Mail Service Volume Is Slowing? »

We think other organizations might benefit from trying to use the mail to drive web traffic – if you can target appropriately.

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We approach web design and development to better develop an organization’s online community – enhancing strategies to help organizations grow. We work with associations, non-profit organizations, government units, association management companies, public interest groups and small businesses for just that purpose – to help those organizations better serve their communities online.

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