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Please feel free to check out our thoughts on the web development industry, on trends, and what organizations need to know about the future of their web capabilities.

Copyright Dates on Websites

One of the things I really question these days are old copyright dates on websites. You still see a lot of websites that include a copyright date, usually in the footer.  Nowadays you can set these up to keep current with the current year, but a lot of website developers haven’t taken advantage of that option.


Searching for Harrisburg Web Design

I recently did a search for the term “Harrisburg Web Design” on Google. Here were the top results – all paid advertising…


The 2023 Planned Google Universal Analytics Change

Not long ago, Google announced a plan to stop processing statistics for sites that use their Universal Analytics measurements as of July 1, 2023. Although this is still over a year away, there are ramifications for everyone that uses Universal Analytics (and that is almost every one of our clients).


Are You Here Because You Received Our Postcard?

Did you get our postcard in the mail recently? We’re not sending this to just anybody.


Organizations That Go By Acronyms

Organizations that are known by their acronyms need to make sure they get both the Acronym and the fuller name of the organization in the Title of their web pages if they can.

    Kessler Freedman, Inc.