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Please feel free to check out our thoughts on the web development industry, on trends, and what organizations need to know about the future of their web capabilities.

How to Hide Complimentary or Free Wild Apricot Events Options

We get asked from time to time how to hide complimentary Wild Apricot events ticket ordering by our Wild Apricot association customers. Here is how you do it.


Online Form Confirmations

I strongly recommend providing a stronger confirmation to the submitter of an online form, and best is an on site confirmation and one that they actually can retain as confirmation – an email.


Downward Trend of Facebook Postings

The value of Facebook to me is directly correlated to the number of people I care about using Facebook, with content I care about.   And frankly, that value really is eroding fast. 


The Work That Goes On In The Background

There’s a lot of work on websites that occurs without changing the look of a single pixel on the public side of the site. 

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