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Please feel free to check out our thoughts on the web development industry, on trends, and what organizations need to know about the future of their web capabilities.

The Fuzzy Lines of Setting Up Financial Transactions on Web Sites

There’s a fuzzy line in the scope of online payments that web developers often have to explain to clients for any site that takes such payments. For purposes of this discussion, I’m not referring to ACH payments, which are a different kettle of fish.


Another Odd-Numbered Year, Another Wild Apricot Price Increase

Hey, it’s an odd-numbered year, and I find myself again writing about a Wild Apricot price increase on existing subscription offerings. 


Volunteer Organizations On the Web

The web is a place where volunteer organizations can lose their way.  Unless a volunteer organization has long-standing board members that continue in their same roles and responsibilities, information can be lost. 


Retiring Relatively Soon: The Elders of Web Development

We’re going to see a lot of announced retirements of folks with that much experience in web development over the next 3-4 years.  With those retirements, the contract web development industry is going to lose some assets.


Wordfence in Action

Recently, one of our client web sites had an attempted attack on its login page from a distant server.  The site remained online and active, and we were informed by Wordfence.

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