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Recent posts regarding Wordpress

Here Comes WordPress 5.0

There is no rush to get to WordPress 5.0, and we’re not going to rush to it. We’re going to use December and early January to get there.


Some News About Gutenberg

It now looks like we will all have more time than was originally anticipated to convert WordPress sites to Gutenberg after WordPress releases their new editor.


WordPress 5.0 (Gutenberg) is coming, maybe in August

Big change is coming this year with WordPress with the release of the Gutenberg editor for core, possibly as soon as August.


Online Forms (and Gravity Forms)

There are many contact form process plugins to choose from in WordPress for your site, but we recommend using one that keeps a copy of the form contents as completed by the visitor as well as email it to the addresses specified in the form.


For Our WordPress Clients, about Gutenberg

This is considered to be the biggest change to the WordPress software in WordPress history. This upgrade has to be coordinated with all of those that must function with the core software – plugin developers, theme developers, hosting companies, and then developers and designers and administrators and user accounts.

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