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We Do A Lot of Training Using GoToMeeting

Not everyone knows how to use GoToMeeting, which we are reminded from time to time during training sessions. To avoid attendee issues that impact the actual training session, it is import to let all attendees know BEFORE the session some basic facts for use.


Using Drupal

When you look at CMS (content management software) usage statistics, such as here   you realize how dominant WordPress is in the marketplace.  That’s due to cost, ease of learning, growth of the software, and frankly, a job tremendously done by those who develop software in the WordPress marketplace.   But the point […]


How Many Hats Do You Wear At Your State Association?

If you plan to use volunteers for online content for your website, remember: you are creating a new job hat when you do this – the online volunteer content management hat. Know what you are getting into before putting it on.


Maintenance and the WordPress Web Site

Many web developers that work with Wordpress – including ourselves – will offer a maintenance service. Sometimes we run into the question of “why do we need a maintenance service?”


If You Are Going To Completely Run Your WordPress Site…

There should ALWAYS be someone with the responsibility for monitoring the server setup and the responsibility for maintaining WordPress and any other software updates that occur for a WordPress web site.

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