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Web Server Lease Pricing

Web server lease pricing has been one of those things that web site owners have come to rely on over the past decade as being fairly flat, meaning the marketplace rarely showed pressure to increase prices substantially.
Those days seem to be over.


The Decline of Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages has become problematic for a lot of organizations that try to use their “Pages” option to promote their organization.


How we use Wordfence for our Clients

We pay for the premium subscription service of Wordfence for WordPress clients for web site security purposes.  We do this to provide the best security tools we can for our WordPress clients.


There was a time when we could be all things to web clients (Specialization)

There was a time before today’s specialization when we could be all things to web clients. 


Copyright Dates on Websites

One of the things I really question these days are old copyright dates on websites. You still see a lot of websites that include a copyright date, usually in the footer.  Nowadays you can set these up to keep current with the current year, but a lot of website developers haven’t taken advantage of that option.

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