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Working From Home

This is for the work-from-home veterans. Particularly those of us that work IN the online industry. First of all, about those new to the home workplace: We have to cut them some slack.


Urgent News Options for WordPress Site Home Pages

One of the things we’ve been doing for some of our WordPress web clients this past week is to provide them a front page “Urgent News” section that actually rides above or below the header.


Associations, Pandemic, and Communications Tools

If your members have specific and important areas of interest and discussion in a time of pandemic and social disruption, somebody needs to provide the framework for it.


We use Wordfence on almost all of our WordPress sites

We use Wordfence on almost all of our WordPress sites, and we pretty much insist on the Premium version, rather than the free version. 


The Need for Surveying of Web Site Owners in the WordPress Space

At some point there should be some quality surveying of web site owners in the WordPress space about their abilities to manage their sites.

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