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Does your organization actively request quality Google Reviews? 

Does your organization actively request quality Google Reviews?  If not, it may well be worth doing so.


Email Services I Don’t Recommend

Web developers usually don’t get paid to teach their clients about email.  Bad email providers can turn into a source of a considerably amount of extra work. 


The Wild Apricot Price Increase of 2021

We’ve been asked by some customers about the recent Wild Apricot price increase.  It seems best to share our thoughts with all of our “Wild Apricot” clients.


Tech Support For Your Website

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how anyone with a website that provides for interaction: logging in, downloading files, online purchasing, etc. – will find themselves having to provide tech support to some of their clients/marketplace that are trying to negotiate their website.  Yes, I’m hammering this point.


Have A Web Site? You May Have To Provide Customer Web Site Support

Entities that own a web site that provides a service online need to budget time for their own internal web site support of customers for use of that site. 

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