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The nature of the job of web developer is changing (of course it always has been)

I’m talking about role creep – what the web developer is expected to do. This is caused by several reasons but a couple are very prominent.


June 2013 Was A Slow Month For Our Blogging

It’s not good to really diminish the volume of blogging – after all, good blog posts generate visitors, both new and returning, which gives us an opportunity to present ourselves as web developers again.


Most Useful Social Media Option Poll

Which social media site provides the greatest value to your organization? (Poll)


An Experiment in Facebook Page Likes

On Tuesday, June 12th, 2012, we asked the 250 people who have liked our business page to like a specific post so we could review what kind of impact it would have on visibility on Facebook. Here’s what we saw.


Vote For Your Preference For Our Next Webinar

  The Next KFI Webinar Subject We would like your input on the subject matter for our future webinars – please select what you would be interested in. Selling Online Advertising On Your Site Buying Online Advertising WordPress Features Wild Apricot Features Current Results  

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