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A Client Question: How many times in a month do you update WordPress plugins?

Recently I was asked this question by a client: How many times in a month do you update WordPress plugins?


One Way to Reduce the Need for Replacing WordPress Plugins

There are also many reasons why you might need to replace a WordPress plugin, but in today’s marketplace, the most common one is that the plugin has not kept up with the technology marketplace.


WordPress Plugin Longevity Management

Change of everything leads to the constant question of whether a WordPress plugin is going to remain viable. How do we stay prepared for a plugin’s end-of-life?


Online Forms (and Gravity Forms)

There are many contact form process plugins to choose from in WordPress for your site, but we recommend using one that keeps a copy of the form contents as completed by the visitor as well as email it to the addresses specified in the form.


Kessler Freedman, Inc. WordPress Website Maintenance Agreements

We provide annual agreements to provide WordPress Support and Care for our clients. Price is based on the scope of the site. WordPress sites need somebody doing this kind of work.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.