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If you have taken a look at GA4 Analytics prior to November and found it very confusing to set up, I would suggest taking a look at it again.


GA4 Analytics Setup

The process to add the GA4 Analytics setup for client websites has begun. We envision that for almost all client websites, this addition will be completed by the end of the year.


The 2023 Planned Google Universal Analytics Change

Not long ago, Google announced a plan to stop processing statistics for sites that use their Universal Analytics measurements as of July 1, 2023. Although this is still over a year away, there are ramifications for everyone that uses Universal Analytics (and that is almost every one of our clients).


Going Through Annual Google Analytics Reports for Clients

In January of each year we go through the Google Analytics reports from the past year, and send them 4 snapshot reports comparing various items for the last year with the previous year.


End of Year Stats for our KFI Website

Our clients have heard me talk about the value of analytics on the web site, maybe ad nauseum, and particularly the end of year stats, and how we make decisions based on that.

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