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The Difference Between User Names and User IDs

User Names should be thought of as merely a component of a user account record that is identifiable by a User ID. It is the web site’s developer/manager responsibility to make sure the web site organization understands this.


Our SEO Service for Our Web Site Clients

So if you have a brand new web site domain, you are starting from the beginning with your search engine optimization.


Boardman, Oregon and Your Analytics Reports

Do you ever see Boardman as a city location in your Analytics reports? Sometimes a lot? Wonder why?


Clients: Please Complete Your Google Analytics Survey

Clients: In your current and next contract years we will be providing additional education on setting up Google Analytics reports, figuring out what the data means for your site today and what you can do with the data to help direct your web site for tomorrow.


Google Ads Campaigns

Kessler Freedman, Inc., is pleased to announce that we’ve been hired to manage the Google Ads Campaign for Jewish Family Service of Greater Harrisburg. We’ll be beginning that campaign soon.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.