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Category Archives: Wild Apricot

Wild Apricot Training and Support

Recently we have been receiving new requests to provide service for Wild Apricot training. We do this for our Wild Apricot clients.


The Wild Apricot Price Increase of 2021

We’ve been asked by some customers about the recent Wild Apricot price increase.  It seems best to share our thoughts with all of our “Wild Apricot” clients.


What Does Our Website Maintenance Agreement Get Our Clients?

The areas of focus for each client can vary:  one client may need more work on software management, another may need more on search engine optimization, and another could want better details on their web site’s analytics.  Our maintenance efforts tailor to those needs.


Average Number of Pennsylvania Association Web Site Redesigns Since 2000

How many website designs have Harrisburg-based statewide associations gone through since 2000? On average? 4.2


Wild Apricot Payments

For now, I am on the fence about this. On the technology side, I see the future upside (if accomplished). It comes with a cost, and a risk. Wild Apricot has decided it is worth that cost and risk. On the business practices side – well, not impressed.

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