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Copyright Dates on Websites

One of the things I really question these days are old copyright dates on websites. You still see a lot of websites that include a copyright date, usually in the footer.  Nowadays you can set these up to keep current with the current year, but a lot of website developers haven’t taken advantage of that option.


Are You Here Because You Received Our Postcard?

Did you get our postcard in the mail recently? We’re not sending this to just anybody.


Transition in the Web World

We’re in a transition in the web world. In smaller organizations, there is a growing desire for fuller site management and creative control of web sites.


You Can Think of Your Web Maintenance Contractor as “Insurance”

Sometimes contracting an outside agency isn’t just about the regular maintenance of a website, but also insurance when things go terribly wrong for an organization.


Downward Trend of Facebook Postings

The value of Facebook to me is directly correlated to the number of people I care about using Facebook, with content I care about.   And frankly, that value really is eroding fast. 

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