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“I believe in the numbers.”

The main character of the Netflix series Ozark, Marty Byrd, often says this: “I believe in the numbers.”

We believe in that as well – about your web site.


SSL Continues To March On

If you have a web site without a SSL certificate that has a “text input” field, you have until October 2017 to get a SSL certificate on the domain, or that site will show as “Not Secure” in Google Chrome and eventually on Google search results.


Your Web Site’s Shopping Cart and Payment Gateway Should Be Reverse Engineered

There are dozens of questions that should be asked in developing the web site purchasing process if your web site doesn’t have e-commerce capabilities yet.


A Web Site Conundrum – The Tale of Two Cities

An organization provides a physical address, either for mailing or for visits or for both, on their Contact page, and also on their site footer. But they differ.


What is that old looking web site doing for you?

Having a really old looking web site says a lot of negative things about your organization.

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