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Email Matters

We’re pretty sure we’ve said this before. We’re pretty sure that it is fairly self-evident as well. But we’re also sure that using email in coordination with your web site is your MOST CONTROLLABLE method of promoting your web site. It is both art and science, so in order to do it well, you must commit to it, both in terms of delivery and in terms of measurement.


WordPress Updates: They Gotta Get Done

One area of labor for any WordPress web designer/developer that has continuing responsibility for the website is the management of WordPress and WordPress plugin updates.


Biggest Eye(s) of the Beholder(s) (BEOTB)

There are many factors that go into the redesign of a web site: functionality, priority, user preferences, traffic values, ease of use, and a lot more. One that doesn’t get a lot of discussion is quite simple, and what we call: Biggest Eye(s) of the Beholder(s) (BEOTB)


Website RFPs Need Smarter Windows for Delivery

One of the things we’ve noticed in general about the RFP process for web site redesign is a bit of an unreasonable expectation on the timeline for deliverables on, well, pretty much everything.


How Many Feel The Same Way About Facebook?

Facebook is awash with garbage.

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