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Provide Tech Support For Your Website

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how anyone with a website that provides for interaction: logging in, downloading files, online purchasing, etc. – will find themselves having to provide tech support to some of their clients/marketplace that are trying to negotiate their website.  Yes, I’m hammering this point.


Breaking Social Media Cache

Sometimes it seems mysterious as to which image social media such as Facebook or Twitter will use to promote when a link is shared on their sites.


Run a Facebook Live Video on a Web Page

We did this for a client recently, and I have to say, it was pretty slick stuff for Facebook.  


Are You Looking For A New Web Developer for Your Web Site?

If you are in the majority of “shoppers” for web development services that are actually looking to transfer from one provider to another, what should you know in advance of the search? 


Web Development during Pandemic… and Afterwards

Web development is going to be extremely stressed when we as society recognize that we’re about out of the pandemic – whenever that is.

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