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Budgeting for Your Web Site

A good way to plan for the future of your web site is to start building an annual budget for it. Publications have budgets. Ad campaigns have budgets. A budget isn’t just a dollar amount thrown down on a spreadsheet, but it is a plan of what it will cost to do what you want to do.


Bad RFPs Will Greatly Reduce Your Web Site Proposal Responses

One of the tells of how well a prospective client actually understands the web is the amount of time they give for various deadlines in their web site RFP.


Have You Noticed the U.S. Mail Service Volume Is Slowing?

We think other organizations might benefit from trying to use the mail to drive web traffic – if you can target appropriately.


Web-Related Questions, Mid-February 2018

Making sure a web site functions properly goes beyond the coding of the web site. Issues arise that require investigation of both the issue and the options for solving it. Those questions go to the person most responsible for the web site. Here are just a few from the past week.

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