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The Difference Between User Names and User IDs

User Names should be thought of as merely a component of a user account record that is identifiable by a User ID. It is the web site’s developer/manager responsibility to make sure the web site organization understands this.


Trending Away from the Commercial Office Space

As a home-based office, almost every little business process we have, we have learned to do as a home-based business since we became one. And it evolved.


Working From Home

This is for the work-from-home veterans. Particularly those of us that work IN the online industry. First of all, about those new to the home workplace: We have to cut them some slack.


2019 Was A Good Year For Us

Like every year, we at Kessler Freedman, Inc., have been involved in some new web project type experiences from past years. I thought I’d just take a few minutes to describe two such experiences.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.