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In the past, we’ve placed a long laundry list of items that tried to cover the scope of the services we provide to clients. But it doesn’t provide context or focus to what we do, and perhaps more importantly, what we want to do, for our clients.   What we want to do is to help our clients build their online communities using the various existing and developing tools of the Internet.  And that includes:

Design & Development

We design quality web sites for our clients, at a reasonable price and a reasonable time frame. These sites are varied in size and scope based on the needs of clients and our determination of what best would serve those needs in a way that allows for growth and evolution of the site in the future. These sites can include content management systems, e-commerce, database applications, video… you get the idea. It’s based on the organization and their needs.


We provide focus and consultation as to the opportunities available to our clients on the Internet. It’s a changing environment, both in technology and in community, and we pay attention to it, and share what we learn, and our opinions as well, for the clients who want it. And clients ask questions at least every week that we research and share.

Maintenance & Training

We can maintain the hosting and other subscriptions that our clients may need for their web site and other Internet-enabled capabilities if so desired. This can vary from helping a client find the right domain to setting up an email distribution list to helping set up their social media accounts. We also provide training so our clients can use these services directly if they choose to.


We update sites for our clients if desired, within a business day for all non-database updates, and usually within that period for database updates as well. This service isn’t for every organization, but many organizations are efficient with their staffing to have just enough to get their work done well, everyone wears multiple hats and yet nobody really wears the web content updating hat. We provide that service at a very reasonable price. We also provide training so that clients can update their site directly if so desired.

We look at our clients’ Internet and web development as processes and not as only projects.  Projects are steps in the process.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.