Online Forms (and Gravity Forms)

There are many contact form process plugins to choose from in WordPress for your site, but we recommend using one that keeps a copy of the form contents as completed by the visitor as well as email it to the addresses specified in the form.

The reason for this? Email isn’t perfect. Deliveries can fail, and spamfilters do all sorts of odd things, and sometimes particularly to email from forms, depending on how both the form and the email spamfilter is set up.

We admit, we didn’t start out this way, it was a learning curve on our part. But it is a good failsafe to prevent losing emails sent from your web site’s forms. We train our clients how to get to that information as well.

The form plugin we prefer at this point in time is Gravity Forms, which is very popular but is a subscription plugin model.

Not all of our clients use Gravity Forms, because as I stated before, we evolved to this position, and haven’t really tried to move everyone there. But email spamfilters are at best quirky about blocking legitimate email – particularly spamfilter software that you do not really control because it is part of a larger ISP setup. So we’re going to recommend it in the future for all clients.