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What Do Our WordPress Clients Get

We get asked this question from prospective WordPress clients (and sometimes existing customers that have staff turnover) and I still don’t think we have a clean answer for this.  So the intent for this post is to provide a future link for all clients and prospects to review.


Gutenberg Block Editor

So, Gutenberg arrived on the scene late in 2018 for WordPress. The block editor has evolved to the point now that we are now planning for the move of current Classic Editor websites designed prior to Gutenberg’s release to the Block Editor.


The Acquisition Game is Afoot in the Internet Space

Acquisitions have become bigger and bigger news in the web and cloud-hosted service environment and other Internet space this year.


A Client Question: How many times in a month do you update WordPress plugins?

Recently I was asked this question by a client: How many times in a month do you update WordPress plugins?


This Is About Us: We Need To Network Better Now in WordPress Skills Market

Kessler Freedman, Inc., needs to network more aggressively and more successfully with similar organizations as ours in the WordPress website space.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.