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2019 Was A Good Year For Us

Like every year, we at Kessler Freedman, Inc., have been involved in some new web project type experiences from past years. I thought I’d just take a few minutes to describe two such experiences.


One Way to Reduce the Need to Replace WordPress Plugins

There are also many reasons why you might need to replace a WordPress plugin, but in today’s marketplace, the most common one is that the plugin has not kept up with the technology marketplace.


Yoast’s Black Friday Ad

I just want to briefly discuss Yoast’s Black Friday Ad, which was launched on WordPress Admin screens on Thanksgiving without really a heads up to site owners.


WordPress, Wix and Drupal

I can’t say I know exactly what it portends, but this graph below shows the search term trend lines on Google for the terms WordPress (blue), Wix (yellow) and Drupal (red), over the past year.


KFI Client Education Webinar: The Events Calendar in WordPress

We’ll be running a short live webinar for clients that want to learn more on how your site can implement The Events Calendar plugin more extensively.

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