Email Services I Don’t Recommend

We set up a lot of listservs and email forwarding for clients in our business.  Over time you get to know what email providers cause the most problems with delivery, either with their spamfilter software that can be partially customized by the user, or software they use to refuse delivery of suspected spam email that the user never knows about.

I won’t use Comcast email at all, and I don’t recommend anyone does.  They just don’t seem to want to process email that much, so they crank the spam blocking to 11 and folks never know what they don’t get.  It’s awful email service.
Email imageI am also trying to convince all my family members to quit using Yahoo’s free email software.  It’s sloppy, it gets hacked, the spamfilter blocks legitimate email willy nilly… there are better free games in town (Gmail) so why bother with a dying company?  The main answer is that they have used it for a long, long time.  That’s really an answer that is going to get folks burned at some point.
I won’t use Verizon’s email also, same reasons as Comcast but I will admit I really never gave them much of a chance.  I just figured they would behave like Comcast, and paint them with the same brush.  I see less issues with Verizon with listservs than I do Comcast, but I do see some issues.
If you’re looking for a free email service, just use Gmail.  Sure, you might have to move from it someday if Google misbehaves.  But it’s the best available for free at this point – easy to use, easy to search, easy to access from a variety of platforms.  Seemingly secure.
Web developers usually don’t get paid to teach their clients about email.  But if they don’t, it can turn into a source of a considerably amount of extra work.  Bad email providers can mess a lot up by accident.  Don’t use one.