Does your organization actively request quality Google Reviews? 

Does your organization actively request quality Google Reviews?  If not, it may well be worth doing so.

If you want to read about some of the benefits of Google Reviews, take a look at this article:
Google ReviewsThe results of reviews show up in your organization’s Google My Business Profile.  When folks search on Google for your organization’s name, it’s the Google information that tends to show to the right of the screen, such as:
It is a very prominent result from a search of your organization’s name and it is going to be looked at.  So, you should manage it.
I suspect like most folks, we tend to be a bit shy about requesting reviews.  And we’re not looking for reviews from folks that really don’t know us, but from clients which we have done a substantial amount of work for and feel they have a good reckoning of our value.
If you have a good relationship with a client or member, you shouldn’t be shy about asking if they’d offer a review.  You can even suggest the area which would be most helpful to your organization for the review to cover, but I wouldn’t suggest anything more specific.  But if the said client or member isn’t familiar with how to offer a review, you probably will need to send an email with a few directions on how to do it.
One of the most important things is that they will need to be logged into Google in order to submit the review.  A Gmail address will do, or if they have another account with Google will work as well.  But entry is closed to only Google accounts.   So if they do not have one, it may be more work to them to create an account to provide the review than it is worth.