For Those That Use Wild Apricot To Send Out Association Email

Last week’s email software change made a noticeable change to email creation workflow. It used to be that you could select the population you wanted to email, then select Email, then select a previously sent email to copy.

That is no longer available through that process of workflow – now you only have the ability to select a template. And according to Wild Apricot, there are no plans to place that option back into the workflow at that place.

FireShot Pro Screen Capture #031 - 'Pennsylvania Self Storage Association - Send email blast' - www_paselfstorage_org_admin

You can still go through Email Log, select an email that has been sent, and either Save as Template or Save as New Email. If you save as New Email, you will have to clear all recipients and create a new contact list. Unfortunately, you don’t have many options of customizing the contact list in this fashion either, so if this is an email you are going to use again, you may be better off saving as a draft, and then you can customize your contact list first, and select it as a draft.

What it appears Wild Apricot has done is trade in some flexible functionality for a more intuitive use of the email tool, as it more easily walks users through the process of email creation.  But for those of us that had gotten used to and appreciated the ability to copy a specific previous email, we’ll have to go about it a less direct way.