You Should Realize, There Is Pressure On Web Server Companies

And it grows all the time these days. A result of this is how much automated server notices have increased in the past year. We use half a dozen different server companies, since web site needs can require different server environments, and across the board we have seen a considerable increase in automated notices from server companies about upgrades/patches/software updates in the past year particularly.

Pressure comes from a lot of different directions: security issues, software upgrades, hardware upgrades, expansion of software options, traffic… and seems to grow faster each year. It isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. Most of the time, notices from web server companies are informational only. Every once in a while, they may require action.

So, web site owners …

Be aware of who your web server company or companies are.

Make sure you don’t treat server email notices as spam. If you are responsible for your web server lease, then you will likely be getting the email. Make sure you don’t block it.

Make sure that email is seen by whoever is responsible for the web site’s operation. Even if it is just informational, it may lead to some recommended changes in either software, or server setup, or even server company.