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Going Through Annual Google Analytics Reports for Clients

In January of each year we go through the Google Analytics reports from the past year, and send them 4 snapshot reports comparing various items for the last year with the previous year.


End of Year Stats for our KFI Website

Our clients have heard me talk about the value of analytics on the web site, maybe ad nauseum, and particularly the end of year stats, and how we make decisions based on that.


2020 – the year Pennsylvania Government Websites Caught Up to Mobile Web

So I’ve been looking at Google Analytics reports for our clients for 2020 in comparison to 2019.  There’s a sector – the Pennsylvania government websites – that, at least for us, exploded in usage in 2020.  This is at the state and the local government level.


Our SEO Service for Our Web Site Clients

So if you have a brand new web site domain, you are starting from the beginning with your search engine optimization.


Boardman, Oregon and Your Analytics Reports

Do you ever see Boardman as a city location in your Analytics reports? Sometimes a lot? Wonder why?

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