Boardman, Oregon and Your Analytics Reports

Do you ever see Boardman as a city location in your Analytics reports? Sometimes a lot? Wonder why?

It’s probably Amazon, and their humongous AWS facility..

We use services that check the web sites we manage that are hosted with AWS in Boardman. We don’t want to block them from access. And there are lots of other services that we don’t use – bots and crawlers and such – that work off Amazon servers in Boardman as well, and we deal with those differently for other purposes but in the case of traffic they might appear on Google Analytics. So we’re going to be building filters for our clients to remove the Boardman traffic on reports.

Don’t worry.  It is still tracking this traffic.  It’s just not reporting it.  If you really want it, we can remove the filter.

What this means is that you might see a small drop of traffic on your site, for most of you it will be unnoticeable, but for some smaller sites with lower traffic, you may notice. Just remember, the Boardman traffic was not useful traffic to you.