Associations, Check Your Automated Renewal Emails

If your association uses Wild Apricot or another online association management software for membership renewals, we felt that it is a good time to remind you to check the following membership settings prior to the new year, particularly for “calendar year” memberships:

Membership Levels. Make sure all membership levels reflect the proper price(s) and membership period time lengths.

Automated Membership Emails. Make sure all automated membership renewal emails (reminders, renewal received, etc.) have the correct text within them and are scheduled on dates that your organization feels is appropriate.

Also make sure that New Membership automated emails reflect the messages you want new members to receive.

Check the number of days you want members to remain “live” past renewal date before they become lapsed.

It’s easy to forget for calendar-year membership associations that the automated emails may still be live, but may have old content. It’s a good time to make sure you avoid the embarrassment of sending out “old emails” to members.