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How we use Wordfence for our Clients

We pay for the premium subscription service of Wordfence for WordPress clients for web site security purposes.  We do this to provide the best security tools we can for our WordPress clients.


What Do Our WordPress Clients Get

We get asked this question from prospective WordPress clients (and sometimes existing customers that have staff turnover) and I still don’t think we have a clean answer for this.  So the intent for this post is to provide a future link for all clients and prospects to review.


WordPress and Wordfence Security

If you have Wordfence, there are simple processes that can provide some comfort in the legitimacy of activity on your site.


We use Wordfence on almost all of our WordPress sites

We use Wordfence on almost all of our WordPress sites, and we pretty much insist on the Premium version, rather than the free version. 

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