How we use Wordfence for our Clients

We pay for the premium subscription service of Wordfence for our WordPress clients for web site security purposes.  We do this to guarantee we are providing the best security tools we can for our WordPress clients, and we use Wordfence considerably for each client.

We won’t go too far in detail how we use Wordfence except to say we use the emailing of reports and logins capacity considerably, and we review the firewall and blocking activities every week for each of our Wordfence using clients, and often update them.  We use another option for 2FA, but may eventually switch to Wordfence for that as well.

Because we pay for, set up and customize our clients’ Wordfence account, we see this as a Kessler Freedman benefit for our existing WordPress clients only.   We don’t offer it as a standalone – it is only for our maintenance and management WordPress clients.  If, at some point, there is a better solution reasonably priced on the WordPress marketplace, we may change to that solution.

For the time being, we feel we are providing a quality security service for our WordPress clients with Wordfence and our other security practices.  And we try to keep them informed of both issues and practices for their sites going forward.