The Decline of Facebook Pages

Facebook Pages has become problematic for a lot of organizations that try to use their “Pages” option to promote their organization.

These organizations have invested some time and effort for a Facebook version of themselves, providing content about their organization, contact information, and sometimes regular news and event information.
Facebook has paid back that investment in the last few years by doing more and more to hide Page activity in their feeds.  In addition, Facebook monthly usage stalled in 4th quarter 2021 after a few years of VERY mediocre growth, and that stall continues today.
In addition, a lot of Facebook Pages are organizational in value and use, and may rather have a desktop user, rather than mobile user,  view them.  For those pages, the stats are sad:
facebook stats
In the past year, Facebook has also ran into continuing problems with a Page’s content
running on a web page via their app code.  The vexing part of the problems are twofold:
Facebook does little publicly to explain what the issue is, and;
Facebook appears to be doing little to fix the issue either.
And so, an organization may have a Facebook feed on their website from their Page, and they can see it.  But others can’t.  Not all others.  Just some others, undefined others, for undefined periods of time, for undefined reasons.  Who knows why?  Apparently, nobody (except maybe Smash Balloon).
It is enough to make a web developer think that Facebook doesn’t care about Pages much at all anymore unless there is paid advertising associated with it, and that the situation isn’t going to get any better.