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How Often Do Users Check Google Analytics?

How Often Do Users Check Google Analytics? I’ve not seen any stats on this and I’m a bit curious. But I have something measurable that somewhat relates.


Something Analytics Told Us About Referrals To Our Site in 2012

I like to make some comparisons in our own web site’s Google Analytics reports from year to year. It will tell you things in aggregate that you may have missed in a monthly review.


Analytics Assistance

Next month we’re starting a mailing marketing campaign for our services to help web site owners with analytics.


Look At Mobile Use of Your Site Using Google Analytics

Most of our clients are, or should be, in the “regularly monitor” mode of their web site’s Analytics regarding mobile usage of their site.


Your Web Site Must Have Some Sort of Analytics

I know that this is starting to sound like a broken record. But in the past week, I’ve spoken with three prospective clients, none of which have any knowledge of whether they have any sort of Analytics software monitoring their web site’s traffic.

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