Analytics Assistance

Next month we’re starting a mailing marketing campaign for our services to help web site owners with analytics. I’ve never seen any data on the subject, but I’d be surprised if more than a third of web site owners EVER check their web site traffic reports and analytics. Of course, reviewing the data on a sporadic and inconsistent basis isn’t much help, but it’s better than never checking it. And even NEVER CHECKING IT is better than NEVER COLLECTING IT in the first place. Everyone has to start somewhere on this data evidence of site performance – and making sure that consistent data is being collected in the first place is the first step.

So our service is pretty simple. We set up Google Analytics for the site, we set up account access by the web site owner, we set up emailed reports to the web site owner in order to start forcefeeding the information, and we offer our analysis of what we’re seeing. We offer this to all our of our web development clients as it is. Now we’re offering it to folks that we suspect better start doing it.

If you’re curious for more details, take a look.