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It is 2018, and Google Says You Should Have Https

It is 2018, and Google says you should have https.

So, if you care at all what Google says – and you probably should, as it is most likely that the great majority of referral traffic to your web site comes from Google, you should get the SSL certificate.


Goodbye, PicoSearch

Earlier this year we found out that PicoSearch, a subscription website search service, was ending service after 17 years. It’s been a good search engine to plug into a site for years, but Google and others have conquered this service niche. They stop service as of June 30, 2014. We have a few clients still today that use PicoSearch. So what to use next?



I’m not going to give away EVERYTHING we do in search, but I will say that we’ve found that DuckDuckGo can be much handier for getting mailing addresses than Google.


Google Needs To Cut Back on the Directory Crud Search Results

Any time I do any market research on Google these days, I’m running into WAY TOO MUCH directory and database-driven general content.


Should You Be Using Google Alerts?

As a web developer, I really appreciate Google Alerts. They make it simple for us to keep some tabs on what our clients are doing, and being impacted by, that is visible on the web. We have a Google Alert set up for every one of our client organizations’ names and many of their acronyms. […]

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