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Prevent Your Domain From Expiring

It’s very surprising how many domains accidentally expire… even in 2018.

Each registrar has different procedures, but the basic premise is, if the domain registration isn’t paid up, the domain will go back on the market, and if you still need it after it is expired for a short period of time, will likely cost you much more than it should to retain.


Domain name search engine registration

Domain Contacts: Ignore any email/postal mail message that includes something about “Domain name search engine registration” as it is bogus.


Moving your website from one server to another – Domain Management

One of the things that our clients get a bit of education about when they want to move their site from another developer to us, and it requires a change of hosting, is about DNS – the Domain Name System.


How Many Domains Does One Site Need?

Do you agree with the concept of registering the same name with .org, .com, .info, and .net?

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