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Email Matters

We’re pretty sure we’ve said this before. We’re pretty sure that it is fairly self-evident as well. But we’re also sure that using email in coordination with your web site is your MOST CONTROLLABLE method of promoting your web site. It is both art and science, so in order to do it well, you must commit to it, both in terms of delivery and in terms of measurement.


Emailing Credit Card Information

No. Don’t do it. Don’t ask for it. Ever.


Thinking about your members: bulletin boards/forums versus email discussion groups

Associations and other organizations often have a debate on how they can best provide membership resource sharing capabilities through their site – allowing members to utilize a bulletin board or forum that exists on the web site, or to use an email discussion group.


Tracking Email in Wild Apricot

A lot of folks looking into Wild Apricot for their association’s web site CMS needs do not realize that it can also provide tracking statistics for emails sent through Wild Apricot.


E-ZPass Agent Spam

It’s not really from E-Z Pass, so don’t open that attachment.

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