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Monthly Archives: January 2013

PairList, AKA Mailman, at Pair Networks (Email Discussion Groups)

This week I want to focus on one very reasonably priced provider of software/hosting of email discussion lists.


The Many to Many Email Discussion Group

Is there a future for the Many-to-Many Email Discussion List with the constant expansion and improvement of other social media options? Well… of course. Just for clarification, when I say a Many-to-Many Email Discussion List, it simply means that it’s an email group which has ONE email address but delivers email to anyone who has […]


Browser Screenshot and Thumbnail Generators

Recently one of our clients asked for some instructions on how to make some thumbnails of web sites.


Something Analytics Told Us About Referrals To Our Site in 2012

I like to make some comparisons in our own web site’s Google Analytics reports from year to year. It will tell you things in aggregate that you may have missed in a monthly review.


Google Needs To Cut Back on the Directory Crud Search Results

Any time I do any market research on Google these days, I’m running into WAY TOO MUCH directory and database-driven general content.

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