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Category Archives: For Governmental Entities

Web Site Owners: Know Your Internal Resources

One of the hard things for organizations to do is distinguish the difference between what your organization CAN release as a website with the assistance of developers, and what they can maintain without paid assistance of developers.


When You Have An Online Resource, You Know When The Market Is Interested

Seems like use of our page of links of Pennsylvania’s registered lobbyists has increased over the past year. A bit of churn going on at the end of the year?


The Facebook Pages of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania

Facebook adoption really hasn’t happened much at the local government offices in Cumberland County, Pennsylvania since January of last year.


PairList, AKA Mailman, at Pair Networks (Email Discussion Groups)

This week I want to focus on one very reasonably priced provider of software/hosting of email discussion lists.


Local Government Websites Before An Expected Emergency

One of the things I hope gets looked at by at least some municipalities that were impacted by Superstorm Sandy is how their web site was used in the lead up to the storm, during the storm, and after the storm.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.