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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Thinking About the Web Site Contact Form

In general, we have just a few strong recommendations about web site contact forms. But we’ve been thinking about narrative recently.


The Preface To Our Clients’ Posts

One of the things that has occurred to us is to use our blog so that our clients can explain how they’ve implemented a new feature using the web – the viewpoint of the impact on their organization rather than the technology involved in the feature.


Network Solutions Doesn’t Disappoint

At least, if you have some ridiculously low expectations. For example, their Domain Expiration Protection service for $9.99 per year.


Waverunner Rental Websites

I just rented a couple of waverunners while in Southern Utah and did my diligence perusing the various available sites there. I just tried the same thing in Pennsylvania for the various lakes here. No contest. The Utah rental companies know what they’re doing. The Pennsylvania websites reek. Pricing information rarely existent (and ridiculous btw). […]


Using GoToWebinar and Vimeo

A lot of associations are now offering webinars as part of their continuing education process for both members and non-members.

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