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Monthly Archives: March 2013


Before we go any further, I’ll just admit it, I’m not a big fan of RFPs. We see a good amount of website design or redesign RFPs, and in my opinion, most of them miss their target.


Dotster’s Confusing Data

We’re transferring some of our domains from the domain registrar Dotster to another registrar, and we’ve noticed a serious delay in Dotster’s admin screen showing of domain status.  We have several domains that have been transferred (and also renewed) on other registrars that still show up in our account on Dotster, and in some cases […]


Dear Restaurants

Dear restaurants – Let me just say it bluntly – you are better off with no web site at all than with a bad web site.


For Associations New to Online Member Payments

There are lots of associations online that do not take payments online… thousands of them. There’s lots of reasons why that may be the case, but over time those reasons get salted down, and every year more and more associations decide to take the step of accepting online payment for event registrations and membership dues.

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