What Does Our Website Maintenance Agreement Get Our Clients?

What Does Our Website Maintenance Agreement Get Our Clients?  Like all things, it depends… on the client’s expertise with the web site, and with the requirements of the web site.  But here are some examples of what we do.
Domain registration management (and we get some interesting requests)
DNS management (including custom DNS – MX records, SPF TXT settings, CNAMEs and more)
Hosting management (including monitoring uptime and getting database servers kicked)
Software management  (both hosted and subscription)
Software planning 
SEO management (Are we complying with Google’s most recent wishes?)
Web Site Analytics management (What’s happening on site?)
Future Planning (because tomorrow’s coming)
The areas of focus for each client can vary:  one client may need more work on software management, another may need more on search engine optimization, and another could want better details on their web site’s analytics.  Our maintenance efforts tailor to those needs.
And, of course, for any site that a client may expect us to do either design or content changes, we do require the maintenance agreement. 
The amount of maintenance – particularly with items such as software management/changes – can vary considerably.  Some WordPress sites, for example, might have only 6 or 7 plugins.  Some might have 30.   Some might require some detailed attention.  Some, over time, will need to be replaced.  So the workload can vary, depending on the complexity and age of the site.
SEO can be as much or as little as the client desires.  Same with the Analytics reporting.  We are our clients eyes and ears on planning for the future based on best practices and trends on the Internet. 
So you can see… it depends.  But SOMEBODY needs to maintain these things for a commercial web site.  So if you don’t have somebody doing that – get somebody.