Need a Pennsylvania Domain?

Need a Pennsylvania domain? Back in the 90s and early 2000s we had a site called Pennsylvania Destination of the Day which highlighted a Pennsylvania-based or Pennsylvania-subject web site every day.  It was something that was generally considered a “hot site”, a site that would provide a link to a site and ask that the sites selected display an award with a link back; there were lots of them back then and they generated a lot of traffic for a period of time for the web site selected, and also for the hot site itself, which was often used as an advertising venue.  We didn’t sell advertising but did use the site to generate banner ads for our clients, increasing their web site visibility and traffic.

Need a Pennsylvania domain?

You can see an example of Pennsylvania Destination of the Day at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, for example here is a day in June 2006, near the end of the site’s run.



There were a lot of reasons that such sites eventually disappeared, or evolved to disappear.  One was blogs – the amount of linkage during the first decade of this century increased considerably with the wider use of blogs.  Another is that they became stale – why go to a site for just one link per day, when there were so many sites with so much more content?  They generally disappeared – there are still a few of them out there – and it was time for them to disappear.  PA Destination of the Day was amongst those that are now just part of the Wayback Machine’s archives.


However, we did retain the domain this entire time:  We thought it was a good domain, it had quality links to it, so we just repointed it to our business home page.  Repointing is a common practice for domains.


However, I think we’ve gotten about as much usage value for the domain as we are going to expend energy on.  It’s still registered to us for almost a year, so we want to sell it.  Interested in having the domain


Contact us if you’re interested.  We have it for sale over at