We Do A Lot of Training Using GoToMeeting

For any client that has a distant location or multiple locations that need content management training for their new or redesigned site, we use GoToMeeting to provide that training.  It offers great functionality, and we find the ability to record a training session and provide it to our clients for reference afterwards to be a great feature.

However, not everyone knows how to use GoToMeeting, which we are reminded from time to time during training sessions.  To avoid attendee issues that impact the actual training session, it is import to let all attendees know BEFORE the session the following:

1 – Know if your computer has a microphone and speakers on it.  If you are accessing from a laptop you probably do.  Nothing is worse than having an attendee in a training have both a microphone open AND call in by phone because they didn’t know they had a microphone – it creates a feedback loop that is usually impossible to train through, everyone gets a loud echo.  Know the equipment you are using to access the online meeting.

2 – Once you have received your invitation, access it at least 10 minutes before the session.  GoToMeeting has to place some software on your computer in order to function, and if you run into virus protection software stopping the load, you need to work through it.  This is not the job of the meeting coordinator – this is the user’s responsibility.

3 – So you’ve logged in, everything seems fine but you don’t see the screen of the meeting leader?  You may have one of these floating at the bottom of your monitor screen…



Click on it.  That’s the icon for GoToMeeting, and this will probably do the trick of showing the proper screen.