How Do I Get Our Members to Log Into Our New Wild Apricot Web Site?

First of all, a couple of assumptions:

  • Your New Members are in your member database in your new Wild Apricot web site; and
  • Each has a valid email address as part of their membership record.

If that’s the case, and you are ready for members to log in for access to members-only content, you have to email them so they know they need to create a password for their email login so they can access.  We tend to suggest customizing the following boilerplate language:

To create a password and login to your account, please follow these instructions on the following page:

Go to http://YOURDOMAINNAME/Sys/ResetPasswordRequest

    The screen will ask you to enter your email address (this is the email you provided to our organization)

    A link will then be sent to your email address prompting you to set a new password.

    Go to that link and choose your password.

    Go back to member’s page and enter your email address and your new password.

    Click on LOGIN.

If your email is not found we may have another email address in our system for you.  If that is not the case, please contact us.

And then monitor your email results.  In a few weeks, you may want to send again JUST to the members who did not open their previous email.

Just a reminder – if they don’t have an email address, then they really don’t have a user name to use to access their account.