Lobbying Firms and Their Client Lists

Even it is understandable that lobbying firms may want to keep their client organizations names’ off of their web site for a host of working and competitive reasons, there are also reasons to include them on the web site. Marketplace may find it of value to know a firm’s clients, and then there is the search value of those organization’s names for the lobbyist web site within search engines.  This can be valuable.

I recently did a search on the term “Lobbying Firm” on Google to see how many firms that showed up in my first two  result pages that included client organization names, and how many didn’t.  Here is a thumbnail of the results:

Lobbying Firms that Included their Client Names on the Web Site:

The Carmen Group – Yes
Cornerstone Government Affairs – Yes
Kasirer Consulting – Yes
Peck Madigan Jones – Yes
Levin, Powers & Brennan, LLC – Yes
Gate Way Group – Yes
Malady & Wooten – Yes
Capitol Resources – Yes
Dorn Policy Group – Yes
Axiom Strategies – Yes
Milliron & Goodman – Yes

11 Total in top two pages of results

Lobbying Firms that did NOT include Client Names:

BGR Government Affairs – No
Thorn Run Partners – No
Triadvocates – No
Gazitua Letelier – No
Princeton Public Affairs Group – No
Desmond & Desmond – No
McGuire Woods – No
Goodman Schwartz – No
Dennehy & Bouley – No
QGA – No
Public Affairs Associates – No
The Russell Group – No
Alexander & Cleaver – No


We hold no relationship with any of the firms listed above.  We just found it interesting that there’s definitely a marketplace split on providing the client name information, even among firms that have the highest visibility on Google. Some firms found it of value to include the firm names, and some of the firms didn’t need them listed in order to receive high visibility through Google.