We Have To Find A Cheaper Way To Do Our Site In The Long Run

We Have To Find A Cheaper Way To Do Our Site In The Long Run.

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We Have To Find A Cheaper Way To Do Our Site In The Long Run

There may be some real reasons why this is the case – you are overpaying, or you have expensive features that aren’t being used, or organizational budgeting in general, etc.  But I am going to say a few things about web development pricing that you might not enjoy reading.

Quality development prices continue to go up.  Why?  Because it actually is getting more complicated.  Anybody that’s been in the arena of developing websites for at least 5 years knows that.  As the industry matures, options build options building other options in every phase imaginable.  The areas of site security and of external site visibility (SEO, SEM, Social Media) for visitors have exploded in the past 5 years alone.  Regulation of the web, from government AND from big players such as Google, is increasing. Software is becoming more sophisticated, but that requires that developers know more about it and the options available.

It isn’t just web developers that are impacted.  Hosting companies, software companies, online service companies are also seeing prices go up.  Of course, so do bread bakeries and car manufacturers, so this shouldn’t really be that surprising.  Web development isn’t “really” virtual – it is part of the real economy.

Because everything is more sophisticated now on the web, the degree of specialization is greater.  Some organizations have a web host, a web developer, web site editors, SEO expert, SEM expert, social media feeders, security expert, etc.  That is the way this industry is going in general.

Those that are good at these things are in demand, and cost more.  Those that are not, shouldn’t cost more.  That’s really not the way to save money in the long-term unless you are growing your own internal expertise.

So if you want a cheaper way to do your site, the first thing you need to do is refocus what you want that site to do so that it does less, because cheaper means less.

But realize that you may find by refocusing that you want less arenas but greater sophistication in what you do online – and that may end up costing more.

The key to all of these things?  How to improve your site, how to increase online revenues, how to reduce online costs?