We Have Money In The Budget To Do It

Please contact us.

That’s a bit of a joke.

But seriously, if this is the only reason you are looking to upgrade your website…


because having resources to spend is not enough of a reason.  The reasons to upgrade should be answerable by such questions as

  • What do we want this next iteration to do?
  • Who do we want this next iteration to serve?
  • Who do we want to be responsible for maintaining the site?
  • How flexible do we want to be with site content and processes?
  • What is the most efficient way – for the site visitor and for us – to accomplish these goals?

However, sometimes in government we see a mentality about the ending year’s budget. Such as “we have this money left to spend and if we don’t spend it this fiscal year, we won’t get it next fiscal year.”

That can be an incentive to internally start talking about your site. It should not be your only incentive by the time you talk to web developers.   Do your prep work, have ideas of what you want to improve or expand upon, and then contact web developers.