Online Training With Your CMS

For almost all of our clients there comes a time when they need some training on how to update their site content, whether it be in WordPress or in Wild Apricot or another content management system. With Wild Apricot they may also need some training in how to manage their member data, events, emails, etc. Clearly we can provide in-person training in our local area, but we’ve done several trainings now using GoToMeeting by Citrix, and it’s worked quite well.

For clients new to their content management system, we usually provide a couple of trainings; one to go over the basics of updating content of the site, and one to go over more complicated parts of site management after they had become comfortable with the software of either WordPress or Wild Apricot.  It usually takes between 75 and 90 minutes for the first training, and less than an hour for the second, and there’s always the ability to request followup.