I’m always surprised that so many people do not know about Dropbox.

Dropbox is a cloud-based storage that can be used for storage and file sharing. There are other services like it, but Dropbox seems to be the most popular and we like it. You get 2 GB of storage for free AND you can get more based on how many referrals you provide and other items beneficial to Dropbox. And then there are reasonably-priced subscription packages for 100GB up to a 1 TB, depending on what you need.

At this point in time, the main benefit to us is the file sharing capability – literally you can specify files to share with any other Dropbox account holder (and only that account holder). We have lots of clients sending us lots of attachments. Most are easily handled by email. Some are too large, or too many, to make email the way to go. Dropbox provides an easy way to share, and quick. In the past, huge files would be sent by portable media (disk, memory stick, etc.) or we would have to set up a unique FTP account to allow the client to post the file to one of our servers – and often we would have to provide training on how to upload using the FTP account. With Dropbox, neither option is now necessary.

On Friday I was speaking with a client who needs to send us dozens of PDFs within a file structure and I recommended using Dropbox, and they did not know about it. They were excited to hear about it, and I’m sure they have other organizations that they will be able to use Dropbox for file-sharing purposes as well. It’s really a very useful part of the web site management toolbox – so I recommend you look into it if you don’t have an account already.