Goodbye Dotster

Either in 2011 or early 2012, and merged/acquired each other/mutated/whatever into a new company with still the same web site names but essentially the very same domain registrar services.

I can’t speak for what was like but we used Dotster quite a bit for domain registrations and were happy with them.  But after the acquisition there was a change in how the interface worked, and some sort of database “upgrade”,  and as you might be able to tell by the tone here, it’s not been good, at least for us.  In fact, it’s been so “not good” that we began moving domains upon renewal to a new registrar (new to us) –

It’s ridiculous to create an account with Dotster at this point, and they have a new method for trying to transfer domains to their registrar that I can’t get to work, and frankly why should I bother?  Higher priced than and not nearly as effective to use.  Goodbye, Dotster – we’ll be gone as soon as the renewal cycles are over.  And we won’t recommend them to anyone else.

BTW, less you think it’s just us, follow the Twitter feed!