Physical Distance Is Not An Obstacle in Web Development

Just a brief note about working with web developers: physical distance should not be an obstacle in developing your web site.  Actual in-person meetings are valuable but not a requirement in determining whether a web developer can – and will – provide you with the services you are looking for and/or need at the cost and in the time period you need it.  NOTHING replaces the appropriate amount of diligence in looking at your web development options, and in-person meetings, although useful, are not required.

Our firm has clients in various places around Pennsylvania and the country.  Some we meet with on occasion and some we have never met.  Phone, email, even video hookup can do wonders for replacing in-person meetings.

Just a brief look at the locations of some of our clients:

Allentown, Pennsylvania
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pottsville, Pennsylvania
State College, Pennsylvania

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Baltimore, Maryland
Claymont, Delaware
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
New York City, New York
Newark, New Jersey
Sonoma, California
Washington, District of Columbia

What distance does inhibit is word-of-mouth promotion.