Using Wild Apricot to Create a Jobs Board

There are a few ways to create an Employment Ads board on Wild Apricot. See this example:

If volume is low, then using a simple page in Wild Apricot can do the trick. I prefer to provide a posting date for each ad to make it a bit easier for the visitor to determine the timeliness.

However, if ad placement volume is going to be high,  I like to use the Blog application. Something like this might be in order:

What we have done here is create a hidden page that is publicly available (but you can do it for members only if you wish) that is a blog for employment posts, and each blog post is an employment ad. But the actual page you see above is a public content page where we inserted a gadget with the content management system for blog posts, specified the Employment Opportunities blog, and specified the number of posts to show on the page.

It’s actually very simple. You can provide a bit more detail in the Subject line. You can customize the look of the Gadget some, and the blog some. And you can have your employment list show up on another site if you wish by using the Widget code – see below for an example. But it is IMPORTANT that you know the PageID number, which you can get from the Wild Apricot Page Management info for the particular blog page.


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