The Lowly Postcard

You don’t see much postcard marketing any more.

We do it. We have an evergrowing mailing list that we send postcards from time to time, highlighting a service feature of ours or just trying to keep our information in front of decisionmakers.

Kessler Freedman postcardsWe do other kinds of marketing as well, but all the postal use reduction news has made me think that today might be the best time in years, maybe decades, to do mail marketing. Why? Because you’re not competing with much. I look at the mail we get, marketing pieces are down, and nothing is eye-catching. So even though it may seem so old-school, we like the postcard mailer at this point in time.

I’m not sure how long the window of lower level postal marketing will remain. I believe in online marketing but I don’t think it completely replaces the targeting that can occur through mail. And service innovations from the postal service to drive down costs of mail marketing may just jump start the practice pretty quickly.

But for now, it’s one way we market. And we’ll keep doing so as long as the data we receive on Google Analytics suggests we should.   Because ANYTHING marketing a web site can be measurable…